Public Schools

As City Council Liaison to schools, she worked with legislators and school leaders to develop and pass measures to improve school funding to help every child learn.  Rebecca believes that every child can learn, and that we must support our schools. The McClellan family has lived in the district for more than a decade, with roots in our community and children in public school.   A long time volunteer, Rebecca even served as an executive officer of the West Middle School PTCO last year.  She brings a parent perspective to a board where that input is lacking.

Economic Development

Rebecca’s experience as Mayor Pro Tem and Councilwoman included experience in economic development.  She recognizes that excellent public schools are critical for a healthy economy with high wage jobs.  Great schools are also vital as we prepare our children for college or career.


Rebecca McClellan opposes vouchers, unlike her opponent.  If elected, Rebecca would be the only public school parent on our State Board of Education.  It is supposed to be a citizens’ advisory and oversight board, reflecting citizen perspectives.  We must have a current public school parent on our board.  Rebecca is an effective and responsive leader who values local citizen input.